WINNER !! Seedheat WINS at FOUR OAKES 2019 !! Best Retail Product 2019 !! Horticulture Week

Winner Of The Horticulture Weekly Best New Retail Product 2019 Award At Four Oakes

Winner of Horticulture Weekly, Best New Retail Product 2019 is the SeedHeat.

The SeedHeat was launched after our success in the equestrian industry with the H2 HotTap hot water horse shower. The Hydrotherm team are fortunate to have received this award. To illustrate, that all the hard work and dedication our team have put into making the concept a reality has been recognised.

Winner SeedHeat hydrotherm

SeedHeat incorporates new technology with tried and tested horticultural growing techniques.

Digitally controlled the product is, fully self contained. Offering the ultimate scalable under soil propagation heating system. Recirculating water just like a professional growing system does.

In addition, extra under soil seed heating trays, can be added to expand the system. Indeed its simple to use, plug in, set temperature and leave. Maintaining an under seed tray heating system, all year round. Therefore, allowing the user to have more time to focus on other aspects of their horticulture.

winner horiculture weekly, SeedHeat hydrotherm

If you like the SeedHeat winner product. Then check out other products and offers we have on at www.hydro-therm.co.uk

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