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Technical Support

The Technical Support team have produced some videos, specifically designed to answer any queries which you may arise. Please take a look at our series of instruction videos. To illustrate how to set up; check; and use your Hydrotherm products.

1. Unboxing Your H3 Hot Tap.

2. Setting Up Your H3 Hot Tap.

3. How to use the H3 Hot Tap.

4. Packing your H3 Hot Tap away.

5. FAQ and answers regarding the H3 Hot Tap.

Technical Support

The technical support team at Hydrotherm aim to assist wherever possible, actively resolving any issues you may encounter. To begin with, watch the videos above. Alternatively access them on our YouTube channel Hydrotherm Ltd page.

However, if you still have an issue please, email technical support at technical@hydro-therm.co.uk. We aim to answer all correspondence within 72 hours.


To illustrate our standard returns policy: if you have purchased via our retailer network; simply contact your retailer. Return the unit to them for a replacement under warranty.

If purchased direct from us simply call 01977 525554 or email technical@hydro-therm.co.uk to arrange return of the unit for inspection and repair. Our standard warranty is 12 months from date of purchase for parts and labour. 

Furthermore, any units returned and found to be not faulty will incur a charge. The charge will  cover transport, labour and return transport before despatch £39.99 inc vat. 


Hydrotherm horse shower Technical Support
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