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Show Time- Thanks to the H2 Hot Water Horse Shower

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Show Ready thanks to H2 Hot Water Horse Shower

Show Time with ease thanks to Hydro-therm

The Sunday morning alarm goes off and my daughter is all excited for showing her pony. Unfortunately the pony was in the field over night. Consequently managed to get itself covered in mud. The before pictures are not worth showing as I am embarrassed to show them.

Anyway, off to the yard we go and on with the pony cleaning process. Luckily this is easier than previous attempts as we are using the H2 Portable Hot Water Horse Shower. Therefore my daughter doesn’t get cold hands. Also the pony is not attempting to move away. As we are using hot water at a comfortable temperature for both.

After the pony is washed and groomed. The daughter goes and prepares herself for the show. My daughter was participating in a dressage competition.

Show Time- The show was enjoyable, no rosettes but a great experience and a confidence booster for my novice daughter who loves her pony with all her heart.

Thank you @teamhydrotherm

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