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H4 VetClean

The H4 VetClean is powered by a 240v 2kw and 2 ltrs per minute system. The VetClean unit is designed to run from a leisure battery and inverter providing plenty of hot water to shower with. Work with animals, outdoors, get dirty VetClean is the ideal companion, simply connect the 20ltr water reservoir to control unit, connect to battery or mains electric and turn on, leave running for a short period of time, you will have plenty of hot water available through the easy to control shower pray head to clean down with. Temperature settable up to 60 degrees C. Perfect to fit in the van.

Hot water at any temperature anywhere !

Made in the UK.


H4 VetClean Shower Comes complete with: 

ABS Strong Box Case, Automatic Water feed pump. 20 ltr water reservoir, In-feed pipe, Coiled Out-feed pipe with trigger spray, Power Lead. Quick release fitting.


Optional Accessories:

Additional in-feed pipe extension. Additional out-feed pipe extension. Pipe joint fitting.


Size and Specifications:

Power Requirement : 240v 13 amp (This machine needs 240v 13amp electricity to operate, can also operate from an inverter connected to a leisure battery).

Automatic 12v Water Pump and 2kw 240v Water Heater

Built in 12v Transformer

User Settable Temperature Control

Over-Temp and Pressure Safety Cutout

ABS Strong Box Case

Stainless Steel Internal Tray.

Compact : 430mm x 350mm x 250mm and just 4kgs.

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