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H2 Portable Hot water Horse Shower

Tired of freezing hands and fingers, not anymore ! H2 is the ultimate portable Hot Tap to use in any situation. Recirculating from a container or bucket you have plenty of hot water on demand where and when you want it. Runs from a standard 10 amp plug socket or via an inverter from a car or truck battery (inverter not included).

H2 has a 2kw heater and will heat 10 ltrs of water in around 5 minutes to a temperature of 50 degrees (you can set any temperature to the desired level). Simply fill a container with water and turn on, leave to heat up and then you have a full container of water all at the same temperature ready to use ! With its 2kw heater and 2 ltrs per minute flow rate this unit is suitable for use from an inverter from a car or truck battery.

At a show ? simply connect to power, pop the pipes in to the container turn on and leave, within half an hour you will have plenty of hot water ready to use.

It is specifically designed to work directly from a bucket, with automatic recirculation to maintain a beautiful constant warm water temperature. Manufactured using solid state technology and cased in a tough plastic water proof case. The H2 Shower heats water on continuously at the touch of a button. Simply connect the in-feed pipe to a bucket or container, then connect the power. That’s it !

Set the desired temperature and you are up and running instant hot water on demand !

Hot water at any temperature anywhere !

Made in the UK.

H2 Horse Shower Comes complete with: 

ABS Strong Box Case, Automatic Water feed pump. In-feed pipe, Coiled Out-feed pipe with trigger spray. Quick release fittings.


Optional Accessories:

Additional in-feed pipe extension. Additional out-feed pipe extension. Power Lead.


Size and Specifications of the H2 Horse Shower:

Power Requirement : 240v 13 amp (if mains power is not available you will need an alternative power supply, generator or inverter battery pack).

Automatic 12v Water Pump and 2kw 240v Water Heater

Built in 12v Transformer

User Settable Temperature Control

Over-Temp and Pressure Safety Cutout

ABS Strong Box Case

Aluminimum Internal Tray.

Compact : 430mm x 350mm x 250mm and just 4kgs.


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