New H2 Horse Shower Launches January 2019 !

Exciting News !

The new H2 Horse Hot Water Shower launches early January, a fully digitally controlled instant hot water shower system, 240v / 2000w, Maximum 40 degrees system.

Comes complete in a tough ABS case, with quick release fittings, silicone in-feed hose and coiled out-feed hose with multihead spray attachment.

H2 can run form a portable power pack sold separately, giving up to 20 minutes continuous use at full temperature, and unto 45 minutes stop start at lower temperatures.

Accessories Available:

Additional 5 mtr hose with quick release joint.

Portable power pack.

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  1. Is this available and if so how much?

    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you.
    Caroline Thompson

    1. Hi Caroline, Yes this is available to purchase. The cost is £349.99. Regards Team Hydro-therm.

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