New H2 Horse Shower Launches January 2019 !

Exciting News !

The new H2 Horse Hot Water Shower launches early January, a fully digitally controlled instant hot water shower system, 240v / 2000w, Maximum 40 degrees system.

Comes complete in a tough ABS case, with quick release fittings, silicone in-feed hose and coiled out-feed hose with multihead spray attachment.

H2 can run form a portable power pack sold separately, giving up to 20 minutes continuous use at full temperature, and unto 45 minutes stop start at lower temperatures.

Accessories Available:

Additional 5 mtr hose with quick release joint.

Portable power pack.

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  1. Please send details of your new H2 horse shower.

    1. Hi Fay, Main spec is 2000w 240v. 40 degrees C water, 2 litres per minute flow rate, comes complete with 5mtr coiled out let hose and trigger spray attachment, power cable and inlet hose. All supplied in a very sturdy ABS case and available now online to order with shipment expected very early January as things stand due to backlog of current orders. if I can help any further please don’t hesitate to drop me a line, many thanks max.

      1. How many years guarantee

        1. 12 months standard guarantee

  2. Hi when will the showers be available thanks

    1. Hi Mel, Available to order online now, shipping within 10 days.

  3. Do you ship to the USA? If so what is the cost? And will it work on US mains power with a converter?

  4. Hi. Does the shower just run off a standard electrical plug? Or do I have to buy the battery pack too? Thanks

  5. How powerful is the shower in terms of the pressure of the water coming out of the shower head

    1. Hi 6 Bar pressure its more than ample to shower the horse.

  6. Hi what lengh shower hose is supplied with the units please and is the plastic caseing really robust?

    1. Hi The outlet coiled hose is 5 mtrs, and yes the case is tough ABS.

  7. Hi. My tap is situated at the back of my stable and I shower my horse at the front of the stable, so my question is: is the hose with the tap connector long enough to reach through a stable/ how long is that hose? I know I can operate it through buckets, but operating on mains water supply at home would be so much better and easier. Thank you. Linda

    1. Hi We don’t generally recommend using mains pressure water, we suggest filling a 25 ltr tub first then letting the unit draw from that as it has a builtin 12v pump.

  8. Hi will the shower run off mains electric or do I need to buy the battery pack also?

    1. Hi It runs from a 240v 13 amps standard domestic plug socket. You can use it from means water using the adaptor provided with the unit, however if you do this it will only achieve around 28 degrees C from cold tap water as its only 3kw in capacity the largest you can run from a normal plug socket, its designed to be portable ! if you want higher temperatures than 28 degrees C you will need to run it from a container and recirculate for a couple of minutes first this will get you to the 40 degrees maximum. Its not designed to be a large permanent yard type system, its designed to be portable and a big step up from boiling kettles !

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