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Blue sky and the beautiful rapeseed flowering.


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Blue sky and rapeseed flowering, spring is in the air. The daffodils are in full bloom with the trees about to burst into blossom. There is no better time to go for a countryside hack on your trusty pony.

There are many benefits to riding in the spring from enhancing the riders mood to exploring new places and revisiting old ground. Your horse/pony will benefit from the experiences. Allowing the bonding between the rider and horse/pony relationship to advance further.

Along with the opportunity to access local shows where you can show off your beautiful horse/pony. Its time to wash the horse and get ready for showing your exquisite equine.

With the sun in the blue sky and the spring heat, the pony has now lost her winter coat and summer coat colours are shining thro. However, with a grey pony the dirt still shows and needs a lot of tender loving care. Along with patience and treats to pacify her curiosity.

The use of the H2 Hot Horse Shower will make this process quick and efficient. Giving you plenty of time to relax and enjoy the special quality time with your horse.

Visit www.hydro-therm.co.uk, to purchase the amazing H2 Hot Horse Shower.

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