WINNER !! Seedheat WINS at FOUR OAKES 2019 !! Best Retail Product 2019 !! Horticulture Week

The Equestrian Shower

H3 The Ultimate Horse Shower.

3kw – Plenty of power and able to be run from a standard 13 amp socket.

3 ltr per minute pump – To give a great spray pattern, powerful, but soft and conserves water.

Compact – Designed to be compact and durable, everything in a tough ABS carry case.


winner horiculture weekly, SeedHeat hydrotherm

Under Soil Heating System

Winner SeedHeat hydrotherm

Winner of the Horticulture Weekly
Best Retail Product 2019 award at Four Oakes.

The ultimate scalable under soil propagation heating system, recirculating water just like a professional growing system does. Add extra under soil seed heating trays to expand the system. We offer a range of under soil heating systems for the horticultural markets. Simple to use, plug in, set temperature and leave. Maintain an under seed tray heating system, all year round.



Equestrian Hot Water Shower

We offer three products specifically for the Equestrian and pet markets.The H3 Hot Tap Hot Water Shower is perfect for wash your mucky animal. Its mains or battery powered. H3 Hot Tap is the solution….

BETA Hydrotherm hot horse shower


We have the only truly portable Agriculture shower available for cleaning all those animals prior to shows. Ensuring a rosette cleanliness. Check out the H2 Hot Tap hot water shower for further information.

H3 Hot Horse Shower brings a revolution to the livery yard! With a digital controller system it will deliver the right amount of water, at the right temperature. On demand when you demand it!

Gone are the days of gas bottles, and huge metal trolleys to cart around. The gas lights blowing out in the wind. The shower is electric with a built in pump. Coupled with the fact, you draw the water from a bucket.

Wanting to find out how easy they are to use, check out our demonstration videos on Youtube

In conclusion, revolutionise your horse showering with the amazing H3 Hot Horse Shower.

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