British Quality

Hydrotherm manufacturing company design and build all there products within the UK. Here at Hydrotherm we are proud to be British, and you can be assured of our quality and standards, illustrated through the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications achieved.




UK Made & Manufactured

From our UK based head quarters, all our products are designed, prototyped and manufactured. Utilising the latest state of the art equipment and materials. You can trust Hydrotherm to deliver quality and durability in all its products. After all our products are made to last!

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H2 Hot Horse Shower

H2 Hot Horse Shower brings a revolution to the livery yard! With a digital controller system H2 Hot Horse Shower will deliver the right amount of water, at the right temperature. On demand when you demand it!

Gone are the days of gas bottles, huge metal trolleys to cart around and gas lights blowing out in the wind. The H2 Hot Horse Shower is electric with a built in pump. Coupled with the fact, you can even draw the water from a bucket if needed.

In conclusion, revolutionise your horse showering with the amazing H2 Hot Horse Shower.

The Equestrian Hot Water Shower

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